What Is UberDog Training? Advanced Off Leash Dog Training!

UberDog Training is so much more than canine obedience lessons. It is a path to improve the quality of life for both you and your dog so you can both venture out into the community with ease and confidence. We believe that training your dog should be active, fun for both you and your dog and consistent to achieve long term successful results. We specialize in advanced off leash dog training by using a variety of different methods to ensure a well rounded, happy, obedience dog in all situations!

We believe in being proactive with our training program so start your lessons from the start of adding your dog to your family. Most dogs brought to shelters are due to behavioral issues by far, and we believe keeping good dogs in good homes by setting them up for success from the beginning. If your dog has already developed behavioral issues we train the owner how to work through re-training your dog for them to fully grasp what is now expected from them through fair and consistent training. Every dog trains differently, so we use a variety of training tools and methods to ensure success with our program!

As a veterinarian, I have been exposed to many different ways of training and interacting with dogs. I came to UberDog looking for a fun and unique way to work on my bond with my 11 month old Pitbull, Winston. After the in-home demo with Greg, I was sold! Winston LOVED the training and of course, his new friends Greg and Katrina. And I loved the new approach to communication with my dog. I can tell a huge difference in Winston’s focus and attentiveness. His biggest improvement is walking right beside me without pulling – what an accomplishment for him! I recommend UberDog to all of my clients who express interest in training or just a new way to spend time with their dog.

- Jamie Laity

In addition to eliminating unwanted behavior, UberDog Training includes teaching the following skills and more:

• Coming when called no matter what
• On and off leash walking next to handler
• Door manners
• Car manners
• Sit (next to handler and at a distance)
• Place commands
• Down (next to handler and at a distance)
• Boundaries

An UberDog is a dog…

• you see at the park that always comes when called…the first time.
• you see walking happily next to its owner on the sidewalk regardless of distractions.
• that waits patiently…and quietly… while its owner answers the door.
• that seems to understand how to communicate with humans.
• that equally loves and respects its human companion.