Meet Our Charlotte Dog Training Team

Dogs are never too young or too old to start training. Just remember that training, like learning, is a lifetime journey. Training allows you to build a bond with your dog that will get stronger and stronger over time. If a dog is not doing what their owners want, it is usually because they are not being given enough information. Like learning, training is a lifetime journey that enables dogs and their owners to communicate in a language both understand. To achieve this, owners should foster confidence and respect, not control. The UberDog Training principles are designed to make relationship building the priority by being active with your training. Once a bond is formed, dogs and their owners can reach their full potential and gain the freedom to explore the community safely and confidently in a relaxed and stress-free manner.

Looking for Charlotte dog trainers or Fort Mill dog trainers? Discover the bond our training teams creates for you & your dog. Serving Charlotte, Fort Mill, Matthews, & more!

Greg Bellew: Founder of UberDog Training

Greg is the founder and owner of  UberDog Training. He is a certified dog trainer who is a graduate of the Sit Means Sit Dog Training Academy, and has since worked with top trainers from across the nation and has trained hundreds of  dogs in the Charlotte area.

From the time he was exposed to a dog training demonstration at age 12, becoming a dog trainer has been his lifelong passion. Greg realized early on how important it is for a dog to be well trained when he witnessed his dog get hit by a truck and die in his arms. He couldn’t understand why his dog did not come when called. From that day, Greg vowed to teach his dogs to come when called 100 percent of the time.

Although dog training began as a hobby for Greg, it quickly evolved into the creation of UberDog Training, which focuses on building positive relationships between owners and their dogs that extend beyond basic obedience.

Greg has two dogs of his own, Takota, a rescued lab mix and Macadoo, an Australian Shepherd.

Hilary Walls: Training Assistant

Hilary has worked with Greg from the very beginnings of UberDog Training. She assisted in setting up the business and is proud to currently be the right hand of Greg and UberDog’s clients. Hilary’s has transferred her corporate business experience into dog training and it was a stroke of luck that she met Greg and realized that she could partner her love of animals and their well being with her background and become a part of something worthwhile. Hilary helps Greg with the day to day running of UberDog Training, events and group classes. Working beside Greg so closely has made it possible for Hilary to learn his methods and train her dog Lucy, a rescued Catahoula mix.

All UberDog Trainers are bonded and insured by the Business Insurers of  the Carolinas, and are members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).