Have you experienced the horror of your dog or puppy walking through your house with filthy paws and making a mess of your just cleaned house? Have you tried wiping their paws off with a towel, only to get bit over and over? Or your puppy runs off or tugs at the towel thinking what a fun game this is? Well, this problem can be solved easily as long as you train your dog or puppy on how to be toweled off properly with the use of marker words, a leash to control their space and praise! Grooming your dog can be enjoyable for you both by desensitize your dog to a towel by taking small steps to ensure you are not reinforcing bad behaviors (such as pulling towel away when they begin to bite it). Watch the instructional video below to see how to properly introduce your dog to being toweled off!


You should practice this exercise when your dog is dry as well so you can get the practice in without having to wait until your dog is filthy. Keep your sessions short and if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section below! You can also follow Storm’s progress with this, along with the other puppies we have in our training program by visiting the available companion dog page.